Beorma's green home in Digbeth

The Birmingham Post has reported on what Birmingham City Council Planning Committee chairman Peter Douglas Osborn has likened the Beorma Quarter development for Digbeth as a ‘paradigm shift for development in the city’ with the Digbeth £200m complex to raise green energy efficiency standards.

The development which had previously been likened to an abomination looking like "something from Alice in Wonderland" in a conservation meeting, Abominable?, will feature green schemes that Councillor Peter Douglas Osborn likened to creating a 'paradigm shift for development in the city’. Among the green developments are rooftop gardens, a combined heat and power generator together with six bore holes drawing water from ancient wells some 100 metres below to create cheap heating and air conditioning for the scheme.

The state-of-the-art Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage system, only the second in the UK, uses a pendulum effect to draw heat from buildings down to the water in summer months and drawing the warm water back in cooler months.

The planning committee meeting on the 5th March gave a warm approval to the scheme in it's meeting with the developers prior to the full application, particularly it's 27- storey office block, designed to reflect medieval plot lines. The issue of car parking and shadowing over St Martin's Church were raised and these issues will be expanded at the full application stage.

The scheme aims to create 2,600 jobs and should help to lead an example for Digbeth in it's regeneration. Although sitting outside of the city centre tall building zone it would bridge the regeneration of the city core previously closed off by the ringroad and link to the bullring together with being a building of excellent design and quality.


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