Selly Oak New Road - March 2009 update

Following an earlier post on the 4th October 2008 updating the schedule of work on Selly Oak New Road, Selly Oak New Road, a new position statement being circulated for the Selly Oak Ward Committee meeting of the 11th March is reproduced below.

Selly Oak New Road Position Statement

This note details the current position on Selly Oak New Road (SONR) and associated highway works.

Selly Oak New Road Phase 1A
• SONR Phase 1A is being constructed by Sainsbury’s and is scheduled for completion March 2009.

Selly Oak New Road Phase 1B
• To be delivered by Sainsbury’s following construction of new store, Sainsbury’s to confirm construction programme.

Selly Oak New Road Phase 2
• Unable to award construction contract due to funding shortfall. The release of funding from Sainsbury’s towards the road is on hold as they seek to engage a development partner.
• The City Council is working hard to secure funds to secure a start in 2009 and discussions continue with funding stakeholders e.g. DfT, AWM etc. If a spring/summer 2009 start can be achieved completion will be in spring 2011.
• The City Council expects to firm up the construction start date in spring 2009.

Bristol Road Enhancements (Downgrading)
• The downgrading of Bristol Road follows the completion of the full SONR (Phases 1A, 1B and 2).
The revitalisation and regeneration of Selly Oak Shopping Centre depends on the construction of the full SONR and downgrading of Bristol Road.

Hospital Link Road Phase 1 and 2
• Both phases are substantially complete. Finishing works such as wearing course and lighting will be carried out under the Hospital Link Road Phase 3 contract.

Hospital Link Road Phase 3 and Vincent Drive Crossings
• Hospital Link Road Phase 3 - the detailed design is substantially complete. Consultation is scheduled for completion mid March 2009. Construction is programmed to start September 2009 and finish March 2010.
• The City Council cannot construct the road without an agreement from the Hospital Trust and the Hospital PFI Contractor to allow access on to the hospital site. The City Council have asked that this agreement be given no later than end February 2009 in order to achieve the programme.
• Following the completion of Hospital Link Road Phase 3 traffic using Vincent Drive will transfer to Hospital Link Road and SONR Phase 1A. Vincent Drive will then be stopped up and the private road infrastructure crossings of Vincent Drive at two locations will be completed by the City Council. This work is scheduled to start March 2010 and finish September 2010, approximately 3 months after the first phase of the Acute Hospital opening.

Access to the New Hospital
• Until such time Hospital Link Road Phase 3 and Vincent Drive Crossings are complete temporary access will be gained from Vincent Drive. The Hospital Trust and PFI Contractor are currently developing the temporary access arrangements. If the current programmes are achieved the temporary access will be used for approximately 3 months.

Public Transport Interchange
• The City Council were hoping to construct the Public Transport Interchange on Vincent Drive at the same time as Hospital Link Road Phase 3. This will not be possible due to the need to retain the existing bus terminus on Vincent Drive until such time the new terminus at the entrance to the new hospital is complete late 2011. The City Council is working with both the University and Hospital Trust to plan and construct the Public Transport interchange.


Anonymous said…
Do you know whether post completion of the new development at the Queen Elizabeth whether there will continue to be access to the hospital from Metchley Park Road or will this road be blocked.


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