Surviving Birmingham

The Coventry Telegraph has reported that Survivors sci-fi series to film in Birmingham with the news that the second series of the popular BBC remake of 70s TV series Survivors will begin filming in Birmingham in May.

Survivors is set in the present, focussing on survivors of a devastating virus which has wiped out most of the world's population. The six-part series has been created by Adrian Hodges (Ruby In The Smoke, Shadow In The North, Primeval) and is a remake of the original 70s series created by Doctor Who's Dalek creator Terry Nation.

All six episodes will be filmed in Birmingham. The first two episodes will be filmed in city locations, much of the latter episodes will be more suburban/rural. The BBC hopes to recruit local people as extras.

Max Beesley, Paterson Joseph and Nikki Amuka-Bird star among the cast.


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