Dig for victory ... or poverty.

The Birmingham Mail has reported that Birmingham gardeners left waiting up to five years for allotments with a stampede for allotment places due to healthy-eating campaigns and the credit crunch making people want to grow their own fruit and veg.

The photo below looks over the Holders Lane allotments and the city view from the allotments.

Now Birmingham City Council figures show that it has 140 on waiting lists for its 560 plots and the Birmingham and District Allotments Council (BDAC) said there were similarly long waits for non-council run sites in the area.

In areas of the city where working the land is most popular, including Sutton Coldfield, gardeners could be waiting half a decade for a coveted plot.

Figures from the council, who don't control the waiting lists, show there are 900 people waiting at the moment with an occupancy rate of 86.5 per cent. Certainly some allotments in south Birmingham look to have space when I've walked past. Birmingham has the largest provision of allotments of any Local Authority in the UK with 115 sites, nearly 7,000 plots and over 80 Allotment Associations.

The City Council website below lists Allotments by ward and provides contact details and information on the facilities at each site.

Location of Allotment Sites in Birmingham.


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