West Midlands researching a bright future

December 2008 saw the Birmingham Post report on the release of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) revealing that Warwick is top university for research in Midlands. The University of Birmingham came second to Warwick in the Midlands with Warwick being ranked eighth out of 127 research institutions nationally.

The University of Birmingham achieved notable successes being named as the leading cancer studies centre outside London as reported in my earlier post, Birmingham Pioneering Cancer Research, while also being ranked second in the country for sports science and third for psychology.

The Birmingham Post reported on the 6th March on grants Midlands universities have received following the RAE which show Birmingham receiving the most in the Midlands, a total of £44.6 million for research; Midlands universities handed £1.6bn in research funding. The £44.6 million research grant for the University of Birmingham placed it 11th nationally;, it's 4.8 per cent increase in its research grant was a success despite it's overall grant funding increasing at a below inflation rate of 1.4 per cent.

Vice Chancellor Professor Michael Sterling said it was not concerned by its 1.4 per cent below-inflation increase in its overall grant as it had no plans to expand and add to its student population, currently standing at around 27,000 full-time students.

A table of what each university got is shown below:

n Aston £32.4million overall grant, £6.1million for research

n University of Birmingham £128.8million, research – £44.6million

n Birmingham City University £46.8million, research – £1.7million

n University College Birmingham £13million, research – nil

n Coventry University £54million, research – £2million

n Newman University College £5.7million, research – £51,000

n Staffordshire University £51.9million, research – £885,000

n Warwick University £77.4million, research – £32.4million

n Wolverhampton University £57.5million, research – £2.1million


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