Returning the cultural crown to Birmingham

The MAC, which has been closed for redevelopment for two years, will open shortly adding a boost to the city's bid to be the first UK City of Culture, Birmingham’s Mac is back after two-year revamp.

The redevelopment of the centre which is home to SAMPAD, the national agency for South Asian arts, will include a refurbished theatre, cinema spaces, foyers and cafe together with a new exhibition gallery providing one of the largest contemporary art spaces in the West Midlands.

Sources of inspiration include mac’s natural setting and its ground-breaking creative engagement with Birmingham’s communities. mac is located in Cannon Hill Park, one of the largest and most popular of Birmingham’s public parks, 1.5 miles south of the city centre, a close neighbour of Warwickshire County Cricket ground and readily accessible from the new mixed development at Edgbaston Mill. Extensive glazing at all levels in the foyer areas brings the park into the building, with the re-landscaped terrace at ground level creating a physical connection between mac and its environment. Internally and externally the building is finished in a range of materials, including steel, slate, wood and stone, designed to weather and change appearance organically over time.

The redevelopment is aso a stepping stone in the MAC's future and there is a future aspiration to fulfil the ambition of the MAC's founders John English and Alicia Randle by building a new medium-scale auditorium on the present site of the outdoor Arena. The redevelopment has been completed to allow for the connection of this building if future funding becomes available to build the auditorium.

The MAC will reopen on the 1st May

Photos from the 16th April 2010.


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