Selly Oak New Road - April 2010 Update B

Following my preceding post, Selly Oak New Road - April 2010 Update A, this update includes pictures on the current developments to the Selly Oak New Road and works to link the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital to the road and information from BIRSE Civils who are the main contractors working on the site.

Letter from BIRSE Civils regarding work sent 18th March 2010 (reproduced from:

Newsletter concerning works, reproduced from:

View from island on Harborne Lane looking towards new Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

View towards Island, in my first picture, looking towards Selly Oak Church.

View looking across to the works on the plateau for the construction of the new railway bridge.

The works to construct the plateau can be seen in this presentation by BIRSE Civils to Birmingham City Council on Structure 3A & 3B, Rail/Canal bridge works. Reproduced from:


tahrey said…
But have they said why the middle bit is only going to be single carriageway 2-lane, rather than 4-lane or dual carriage, when out of all the sections being altered it's the one least wanting for free space? Seems like it's just being set up to fail and be a needless bottleneck... all over again. When the potential was there for unbroken 4+ lane provision right through the city, from M42/M5 thru to M6/M42. But then, what with the speed limit reductions from the expressway through to selly oak, and talk of closing up the tunnels at some point, smooth swift travel across town seems to be nothing more than an irritating side effect to the planners' main aim of making all the previous busy shopping areas into quiet backwaters...
tahrey said…
In fact ... let's ignore that. What's going on with the rubbish light phasing, and the way that northbound traffic is directed onto the new road by signs, but southbound still goes through the town? There's terrible traffic at rush hour from these two streams crossing over each other at the north end lights when they should be passing by unhindered (twice the flow, almost, that would be), often with the junction being blocked by people desperate to get across after sitting in a queue for ages. On the flip side, heading north through selly oak is fairly stress free, as is heading south on the bypass. Who's cocked that up then?

And where did the idea to call the old one a completely out-of-standard "B38"?

Oh, and the width of that tarmac is easily enough to accomodate 4 lanes of motor traffic... was there really a need for a cycle path on BOTH sides, using up the width that could instead have gone towards a simple central barrier?

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