No stop for Moseley

The Birmingham Post has reported that plans for the opening of stations at Moseley and Kings Heath on the Camp Hill Line, Camp Hill, Moor Street and Chiltern Train reconnection, could be delayed until 2024, Moseley & Kings Heath railway station opening could be put back to 2024.

The plans to re-open the station have been regularly included in Network Rail's Strategic Business Plan and it's updates with plans for the control period from 2015 - 2019. The latest plans in the draft Route Utilisation Strategy which I reported on back in November, The Midlands Connection, show that Network Rail wants to push the re-opening of these stations to following finance period between 2019 to 2024.

Councillor Mullaney says that both both Centro and Birmingham City Council are in the process of responding to the consultation on the Route Utilisation Strategy, Update on re-opening both Moseley and Kings Heath railway stations.

As part of these plans new Chords were to be constructed to allow trains to run into Moor Street Station and Councillor Mullaney and the Birmingham Post report that both Centro and Birmingham City Council have already designed a pair of chords which would link railway services from Moseley and Kings Heath, and Castle Vale to Moor Street costing these at £150 million, much increased in cost from his previous assertion that they would cost £35 million.

The RUS also mentions the creation of an alternative freight line through the West Midlands, via Worcester, Round Oak and Walsall – see page 147 of the report. The creation of this alternative freight route is important to any future passenger service at Moseley and Kings Heath railway stations. It will allow freight traffic to be taken off the Camp Hill railway line and allow a 15 minute passenger service, instead of a 20minute service. The cost of the alternative freight route is estimated to be £98million.

The reopening would provide increased transport links on the busy commuter route of the Moseley and Alcester Road to Moseley and Kings Heath, linking Kings Heath to Moor Street in 7 minutes and Moseley in 4 minutes. These connections and the opportunity to add a station for Balsall Heath would be beneficial to regenerating the Camp Hill line corridor while providing a useful route for visitors, residents and workers.

With the line currently used by freight and for passing intercity services and the cost of new stations at £1 million each it would be an affordable opportunity to provide enhanced transport links and connect Moor Street and Eastside to the bustling centres of Moseley and Kings Heath while also linking to the future city centre station for the HS2 rail link.

It's worth noting the old bed showroom on the Alcester Road in Kings Heath adjacent to the location of the old Kings Heath station is empty and I wonder whether the council can consider how a proposed new station could fit in with this nearby unit and whether they can future proof the station site with this unit next door particularly while it is empty.


Anonymous said…
Just because this line may not be altered for years doesn't stop them having stations and using the line past St Andrews and into New St station.
In fact why isn't there a station at St Andrews which could attract many fans to travel from the Northfield line, Stratford line and Solihull line straight to the ground.
Also many could get to the ground via New St linking from other area's as well as away fans getting straight into the stadium.
Maybe during the week the ground car parking (especially if the line had parking above it, could be a park and ride.

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