New Street New Year - work set to steel approval

In my previous update on the redevelopment of New Street Station, New Street Christmas Present, I noted preparation for the lifting of the extension to the Navigation Street bridge, the completion of the demolition works to the car park and work ready to start on the deconstruction of Stephenson Tower. Unfortunately the cold and icy weather at Christmas prevented the safe completion of the bridge extension but work continues on the station and just about a year on from the start of works much has been achieved, even though much of it out of the publics gaze.

Work near platform platform 12 adjacent to Hill Street showing works related to the preparation for the bridge extension and the removal of concrete at street / concourse level.

The hoardings hiding the work taking place.

Looking across to the new concourse and southern entrace with the view to Platform 12 and west yard below.

Works adjacent to bridge extension from the plaform level

While the bad weather postponed the replacement of the bridge, piling work took place on platforms to allow for the covering of the east void over platforms 8 - 11. The piling work can be seen in the pictures below.

As I noted in my previous post, work was completed in December, having taken place over the course of 2010, stripping out the car park to create the new concourse. The new concourse will be the height of two car park levels, the same as the existing concourse and required the removal of a car park level. Over 7,500 tonnes of reinforced concrete were removed.

The new created space, shown below, is already over 120 metres long and will extend even further when the wall separating it from the closed retail units on Stephenson Street, currently hidden by hoardings, is demolished. The floor of these units is however several feet above the new concourse level and a ramp will be provided from the new pedestrian access on Stephenson Street.

The columns in the concourse level are now twice their original designed height and Rail Engineer reports that Stephen Ashton, Atkins project manager, believes there will be need for strengthening sleeve to reduce the columns effective length.

This car park level is situated above the twelve platforms and is on a 150 mm thick concrete raft. The car park level accounts for two thirds of this raft above the platforms with the remaining third the existing concourse.
The raft and the station form a complex that is roughly square with four expansion joints running through the building, two east-west and two north-south, dividing it into the shape of a noughts and crosses board comprising nine segments. All nine segments are self supporting, effectively seperate free standing buildings which will allow the removal of the middle section, without disturbing the other eight, to allow daylight to reach the concourse,

The roof that will allow the light to reach the concourse with be made of EFTE, the same material used in the Eden Project, which is much lighter than glass.

Meanwhile as I reported previously, work was completed on rebuilding platform 1 with the plaform handed back in the middle of December. The bases for the escalators that will connect the platform with the new concourse are in place although the escalators won't be installed until 2012, nearer the time of the opening of the new concourse.
The base of these escalators use the filled in ramps to the old service subway. The subway will be retained, connected by lifts.

With platform 1 completed work moved onto platform 12 with work due to move onto plaform 2 when that is completed and work progressing one platform at a time while the station remains open.

As part of the redevelopment the current platform surfaces, over 1 million square granite tiles, will be replaced with the old ones cleaned and sold off.

Next to platform 12, below street level is an area known as Hinterland, previously train operating company offices and restrooms where a hole has been cut into the ground level raft to allow for access to this hinterland to install a crane to aid the demolition of the 26 storey Stephenson Tower.
Demolition of Stephenson Tower should take 6 months with the crane now erected.

Work is also ongoing with the structural works to the old NCP car park entrance on Stephenson Street, adjacent to the Navigation Street entrance to the station.

The hoardings on Navigation Street.

Behind the hoardings from street level.

Works from platform level.

The most visible part of the works will begin in the middle of 2011 with work starting on the stainless steel mirror finish facade on Stephenson Street. Meanwhile the overall cladding with supporting steel framework will weigh 800 tonnes.
To stiffen up the whole building a series of eight lift shafts that were already planned to go through the station were extended the full height of the building and made into structural elements.


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