Library of Birmingham July Update II

Here is an update on the construction of the new Library of Birmingham showing photos of the site from the 13th July. Work is rapidly progressing as can be seen with the eighth floor being poured. There will be 9 floors with the first floor 12 metres up cantilvering 9 metres.

Here is the site update from contractors Carillion for July.

While work is still ongoing outside and in, with the installation of cabling, plans are being prepared for the fitting out of the library with company Qubiqa to supply shelving for Library of Birmingham. Qubiqa UK will provide mobile, static and 2-tier shelving in a contract worth £3.1 - 3.4 million. The electronic mobile shelving will be used for both the archives and library collections including

Photos from the 13th are shown below.

While i've tried to capture the development as it rises from an amateur perspective
Arts Council England awards £70,000 to Library of Birmingham photo projects to record the transition of the old library to the new Library of Birmingham.

A total of £62,000 is being given to Birmingham Central Library to commission a photographic project to capture to the existing building, the new building which opens in 2013, and the people involved in the design, construction, transition and relocation process.

Another project will research and examine 487 boxes of documents and photographs found in a disused room at the former offices of John Madin who designed the current central library before exhibiting these, which include paperwork from the John Madin Design Group and a tour of libraries in the United States which John Madin made in 1964.


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