Spiceal Street Bullring July Update III

Following my previous update on the Spiceal Street development, Spiceal Street Bullring July Update II, here is an update from the 13th and 16th July.

13th July

16th July

Following the announcement of the new sculpture adjacent to the development, Spinning spiceal surprise, the Spiceal Street website has revealed that while the copper from the Spiral Cafe will be reclaimed for the sculpture the remaining structure will be relocated to a square in the Newhall Square development on the former Science Museum site, Squaring the Jewellery Quarter.

I’m also pleased to confirm that the remaining structure of the Spiral Café will be relocated to Newhall Square, the site of the former Science Museum on Newhall Street. The mixed-use scheme developers RO St Bernards will make the Spiral Café a centrepiece of the new square, surrounded by offices, hotels and gallery space.

I’m delighted that we’ve found a new location for this award-winning structure and that a piece of Bullring heritage, in the form of the copper roof from the Spiral Café, will remain within the centre. http://www.spicealstreet.co.uk/blog/planning-application-submitted-for-public-art-at-spiceal-street/


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