Station to reflect changes as tower falls

While work takes place on the deconstruction of Stephenson Tower to make way for the new John Lewis store at New Street Station preparatory work is set to begin imminently ready for the installation of the stainless steel facade.

Demolition engineers will remove over 7000 tonnes of concrete by deconstructing Stephenson Tower with around 95% of material from the project to be recycled, The 20 storey tower will be deconstructed by a floor each week to week and a half with work due to be finished by early 2012. To help the deconstruction Queens Drive will close to pedestrians on 1 August 2011.

Photos of Stephenson Tower from the 23rd July.

Preparatory work for the steel facade will follow the closure of bus stops on Stephenson Street on Sunday 24th July to allow for half road closure from 25th July. The 16,000 metre fa├žade will be installed from early 2012 onwards with the first section being the north face of the station on Stephenson Street

A view along Stephenson Street from the 23rd July together with the work adjacent to the Victoria Square entrance.

The work will take place in three phases:

•Removing sections of the existing concrete panels on the station building to survey and establish fixing points for the facade
•Supporting structural steel work is then attached to the building
•Finally, the stainless steel cladding will be attached to the supporting steelwork.

With work to deconstruct Stephenson Tower underway and preparations for the steel facade Network Rail have released a new video flythrough of the station.

The images below are stills reproduced from the flythrough for the purpose of comparison against the planning applications. The stills show the exciting exterior and interior of the station including the spanish steps leading into the southern entrance to the station and the escalator in this entrance to the John Lewis store above, the new concourse and the entrance from Stephenson Street into the new concourse. The stills allow a comparison of the layout against the plans of the station layout from the planning applications and the changes made to accommodate John Lewis, Public requests John Lewis station stop.

The improvements will radically transform the station out of all recognition from the current concourse as seen below in photos from the 23rd July.


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