Spiceal Street Bullring August Update II

Here is an update on the Spiceal Street development from the 26th and 31st August. Work is progressing rapidly from my previous update showing the site on the 15th August. The planning application for the tree artwork, Spinning spiceal surprise, reusing the former shell cafe has also been approved albeit with mixed reviews of the design by councillors with one saying "I’ve never seen any trees like this. It looks more like a lollipop you would get at a Fairground”, http://www.birminghammail.net/news/birmingham-news/2011/08/26/controversy-over-bullring-tree-design-97319-29303615/#ixzz1WA9lp8MV.

Photos from the site from the 26th August

Photos of the site from the 31st August


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