A Georgian affair - Regency and Georgian Birmingham

A fascinating blog is continuing to look at Birmingham from a Georgian and Regency perspective, discussing the streets during the period they were architecturally Georgian and Regency, http://mappingbirmingham.blogspot.co.uk.

The blog provides a glimpse into the Birmingham of the period which saw a population increase from 23,000 in 1731 to 31,000 in 1770 and transform from a town giving birth to industrialisation to the establishment of a great Victorian City.

The first history of Birmingham was written in 1783 by William Hutton, and it wasn't until the Victorian age till someone else attempted producing another. So when I talk of the Georgian Streets of Birmingham I mean them more in the form of a legacy. Regency Birmingham inherited Georgian streets, and added to and altered them, but there were still many Tudor and Stuart buildings in the landscape as well. By the time Victoria came to the throne in 1837 Birmingham contained a diversity of styles, and hundreds of years of history lining the streets. The Georgian period covered nearly 100 years, and with so little evidence from the earlier part of this time it would be impossible to trace the changing landscape as there will be no record of many houses built in 1715 but demolished in 1815 for example. So when I talk about the Georgian and Regency streets of Birmingham I am taking a slice of time when the streets were architecturally Georgian and Regency, approximately from the 1750s to the early 1850s



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