Transport titbits - news from Centro's committees

The following transport titbits are from minutes of previous Centro meetings,, and provide a few updates on the West Midlands' transport body's ongoing work as part of projects such as the Midland Metro, City Centre Interchange Project, HS2 preparations and ambitions for projects.


Minutes Integrated Transport Authority 25 June 2012

In respect of minute no. 290/11 (‘Network Rail’), Councillor Richards expressed his concern that there was still a lack of detail on the infrastructure planned to provide connectivity to the new High Speed 2 railway line. The Chief Executive reported that he had spoken to the Secretary of State for Transport about this issue, and she had indicated that investment in connectivity infrastructure would be included within the Control Periods 5 (2014 - 19) and 6 (2019 - 24) financial planning process. A statement regarding Control Period 5 was expected in July. 

Smartcard Branding 

During 2011, Centro undertook an extensive review of potential names for its smartcard, which was narrowed down to five possibilities. These were then market tested through public focus groups undertaken in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. Of the names suggested, ‘Swift’ proved to be the most popular, with 71% of respondents indicating that they liked the name 

Metro Birmingham City Centre Extension and Fleet Replacement - Progress Update 

The Birmingham City Centre Interchange works were currently underway and due for completion by the end of 2012. This work would provide the ability to create new bus interchanges around the city centre, as well as a new range of high quality shelters, passenger information totems and wayfinder totems 


Minutes Policy and Strategy Committee 30 July 2012

Councillor Rowley expressed her concern at the proposals to close station ticket offices, and the impact that this would have for vulnerable groups within society, particularly with regard to an increase in the perceived fear of crime and the need to purchase tickets using a credit card. Mr Verwer indicated that the proposal was to close station ticket offices, but this did not mean that stations would necessarily be unstaffed, and staff could be redeployed doing other on-station duties. He also undertook to ensure that tickets were able to be purchased by more means than just by credit card, and confirmed that penalty fares would not be charged to passengers who wished to make a cash purchase on board train services 

Councillor Huxtable requested that an additional ticket vending machine be provided at Bournville station to take account of the large volume of sales being experienced. Mr Verwer confirmed that this was included within the minor works programme and he would confirm when it was planned to be carried out. Councillor Alden expressed concern at the proposals to close Erdington station. Mr Verwer explained that, were permission to be granted by the Department for Transport, London Midland would prepare individual station proposals that would be subject to full local consultation 

67/12 High Speed 2 

Centro was working with Transport for London to ensure West Midlands passengers were catered for when they arrived in London. Onward connectivity was a major issue at Old Oak Common and Euston stations. Transport for London has also agreed to work in partnership with Centro to understand travel patterns and travel demands for HS2 passengers originating from the two West Midlands stations. 

West Midlands Strategic Transport Package 30 July 2012

The Department for Transport is expected to publish a range of indicative funding allocation for the West Midlands in the autumn and expects the relevant West Midlands transport bodies to have agreed their prioritised programme by April 2013. 
14. The minor works programme which was approved in March 2012 included £0.500m of Integrated Transport Block funding for the development of key schemes and it is therefore proposed that this resource is used in developing the schemes included in the West Midlands Strategic Transport Package, as per the appendices attached. 

West Midlands Strategic Transport Package Appendix 30 July 2012

To enable the rail network to continue to support the regional economy in the future, a rail vision document “A World Class Rail Network for the West Midlands” is being co-ordinated by Centro, on behalf of the West Midlands Regional Rail Forum (WMRRF). 

Considering this, the proposed draft package for rail investment includes: 


HS2 Connectivity 

The proposed draft package for local connectivity to HS2 includes: 


Glynis Jones said…
Thanks a lot for removing the bus stops from Corporation street!! Do you realise how much further disabled people have to walk to get a bus now? Do you care? Obviously not!! And then there are the new style bus 'shelters' in inverteds because they don't shelter you from the weather and there are no proper seats!! Crap decisions guys!! Who need the Metro to go to New Street? NOBODY!!

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