Eastside City Park August update

Work continues to progress on the new Eastside City Park with new trees continuing to sprout up around the site since my previous update showing the park in May and July, Science Garden sows seed for Eastside City Park.  Not even the above average rainfall has prevented work taking place with the park set to open before the end of the year, Eastside Park on target for completion before the end of the year.  

The park is the first major park since Highgate Park and will have 309 trees including oak and scots pine with 200 having been planted at the time of the Birmingham Post article on the 9 August.

The original plans for Eastside Park were much more expensive than the current capital cost of £11.75m.

The reduced price was achieved thanks to a redesign after minds were focused by the combined effect of the credit crunch and the need to accommodate the outline plans for HS2.

Mr Wilson said the city council has guaranteed there will be two park keepers covering for each other as well as helping to ensure that vandalism is kept to the bare minimum.

“The key to reducing graffiti is to remove it within 24 hours,” he added. “And we want to develop a local Friends of the Park group, too.”


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