NIA Redevelopment Update May 2014

There has been rapid progress since my last update on the redevelopment of the NIA in January 2014, NIA redevelopment steels the canal scene.

The £26m development is another complex Birmingham project with 300 tonnes of steelwork in the extension which sees an increase in floorspace of 30% and features the existing concourse level, two mezzanines and a planned walkway and access from arena floor level to the canal, 

The complexity of the project is also due to the arena sitting over the West Coast Mainline tunnel coming out of Birmingham New Street which saw piles installed either side of the tunnel and adjacent to the canal.  As well as the extension there is the 50m long by 10m high 'wonderwall' advertising and show screen above the east entrance.

Project completion is set for December 2014 but I hope it'll look amazing to welcome Lady Gaga to the November performance i'm going to.

Photos showing the NIA refurbishment from the 14 May 2014 are shown below.


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