Selly Oak New Road

The following information on the Selly Oak New Road is taken from a report to the forthcoming Birmingham City Council Selly Oak Ward Committee on 8th October 2008.

Selly Oak New Road
Phase IA – This is the section which is currently under construction and which runs from a point near to B & Q to the new traffic island which will connect to the hospital link road. The works for this phase are ongoing. The last phase of the bridge work on Harborne Lane is nearing completion.

The Traffic Regulation Order covering the area is ready to be implemented, which will
mean double yellow lines around the new traffic island and will prohibit right turning traffic out of Gibbins Road.

Work is due to commence shortly on the new Toucan crossing on Harborne Lane near
Reservoir Road. The whole of this phase is scheduled to be completed early next year.

Phase 2 – This is the remaining section of the New Road, which runs from the hospital link road island to where it joins the existing Bristol Road near to Bournbrook Road. This is due to commence next May/June. There may be some enabling works carried out prior to this depending upon funding from Sainsbury’s.

Phase 1B – This is the section which runs from Bristol Road at Oak Tree Lane to a point opposite B & Q This phase is programmed to begin following the completion of the new Sainsbury store in 2010.


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