Church Street Squares Up

Four years after plans were first developed, the finishing touches are being undertaken on the public realm enhancements to create Church Street Square, Business Squared - Church Street Square.  The works have seen the wide street narrowed and on street parking removed to create a new open space with greenery, benches and enhanced lighting.  The finishing works will see a piece of public art by artist Wolfgang Buttress,, installed titled 'Umbra', CBD Digest Summer 2012.

The square is a welcome addition to the Colmore Row Business District and will provide a welcome spot for local business workers to enjoy lunch breaks and provides a nice stopping point between St Pauls Square and St Philips Place.

What is noticeable however is the distinction between the road and the new public space.  I would argue the ambition of the square hasn't been fully realised because of this and that the  road level should have been level with the square to create a 'shared space' so that pedestrians and the square users were emphasised.

Pictures showing the square nearing completion, from Saturday 7 July, are shown below.


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