Science Garden sows seed for Eastside City Park

Nearly five years on from when the first plans were announced and three years and £2.8 million in the making, an innovative outdoor science garden at Thinktank, All Seasons and Science Garden - new Thinktank developments, the Thinktank Science Garden officially opened at the end of May as part of the City's Jubilee celebrations, Thinktank Science Garden opens in Birmingham.

Amongst the attractions in the 42 exhibits  at the Science Garden, a first for the UK, are a giant-sized hamster wheel, giant weighing station and "pulley me up" exhibit,
EASTSIDE UPDATE: HAS SCIENCE EVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN?  The science garden is a key component of the new Eastside City Park being created around it and due to open later in 2012 and arrives as Thinktank joins forces with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to create the new Birmingham Museums Limited.

The following pictures show the garden from the 14 July.

Further information on the new Science Garden and Thinktank can be found on their website: Thinktank Science Garden - Thinktank

Meanwhile work continues on the new City Centre park with the most noticeable progress being the planting of new trees, sculptural works and laying of new paving for footpaths.

The following photos show progress in May and July 2012.




Peter Black said…
some great photos of the development of this garden and area. Very interesting stuff. Looking forward to seeing the other developments in the area

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