New Street Station Redevelopment Summer 2012 Update

Since my last update on the redevelopment of New Street Station, New Street Station redevelopment spring 2012 update,  there has been significant progress to the station with very visible changes, particularly on Stephenson Street as work has developed on the steel structure for the new entrance.

The following bumper update shows work from May to July 2012 while further down there are pictures of the exposed public toilets revealed during road works and the plans for new Pallasades Shopping Centre signage.  The photos show the very visible continuing progress on parts of the redevelopment such as the new pedestrian walkway route behind the Odeon cinema, the new entrance on Stephenson Street and the internal demolition of parts of the Pallasades and now external demolition to enable the new John Lewis store to connect to the shopping centre.

10 May

14 - 18 May

19 - 20 May

25, 26, 31 May

8 - 9 June

16 June

2 - 3 July

4 / 7 July

13 July

As part of work taking place, work took place on the the Hill Street / Station Street Junction adjacent to the Crown public house to fill in former public toilets.  The revelation of the former facilities provides a fascinating perspective on the recent changes that have happened to the local area over the station's history.

A photo showing the entrance to the toilets when they were open at the junction of Hill Street and Station Street.

The photos below show the exposed tiling for these facilities prior to them again being buried again properly to allow the revised road junction between Hill Street and Station Street.

The large curved public toilets, open from February 1905 to April 1987, were known as the Silver Slipper and were a notorious gay cottage; a cottage being a gay term for a public lavatory used for casual homosexual encounters,  They were known as the Silver Slipper from the large silver ballet slipper on signage for a ballet supply shop and Silver Slipper dance studio opposite,

June also saw work officially begin on the new John Lewis store on the site of the former Stephenson Tower.  Contractor Mace will work with Network Rail on the new 250,000 square foot department store which will open alongside the new Pallasades Shopping Centre in Autumn 2014,

Work has begun on the foundations with the ground breaking officially marked by Andy Street, managing director John Lewis, David Higgins, chief executive Network Rail and Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council,

Meanwhile a recent planning application has been submitted for new signage for the refurbished Pallasades Shopping Centre.

Application Number 2012/04662/PA
Application Type Advertisement
Site Address Birmingham New Street Station Birmingham
Proposal Display of 3 no. roof mounted illuminated lettering panels and 1 no. wall mounted sign

The signage will be made of stainless steel and acrylic and the planning application notes the advertisement period from 01/03/2013 to 01/03/2018.  An image from the planning application is reproduced below to encourage comments on the planning application to be made.


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