Morrisons Edgbaston Edges Towards Completion

With approximately three months to go, give or take, until the new Morrissons Edgbaston opens at Five Ways, work continues on the new store with glazing being installed and vacancies being advertised.

Vacancies for the new store can be accessed on the Morrisons website:

Current vacancies being advertised include Department Managers, Department Supervisors, Skilled Bakers and Skilled Butchers.

The photos below show work progressing from my previous update of 4th May showing progress from 10 - 24 April, Morrisons Five Ways April Update.
The photos run from 1 May to 11 July.

1 May

4 May

8 May

14 May

16 May

23 May

26 May

30 May

19 June

20 June

25 June

30 June

6 July

11 July


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