Spanning Selly Park - New bridge works

On 23 August 2009 I noted plans for a new bridge, with work expected to start in January 2010, over the river Rea in Selly Park, Government funding and new bridges to deal with flooding.  Work started in October 2012 on the 30 week project to replace the 100 year old bridge crossing the river as part of the 25 year contract between Amey and Birmingham City Council on maintaining the city's roads.

The current bridge over the River Rea was built in 1907. It was reinforced with two supports in the 1990s to allow more weight to be carried on the bridge but this has had the effect of limiting how much water can flow underneath at high water times.
The new bridge will be better suited to the modern levels of traffic which use Dogpool Lane. Local residents groups were consulted during the planning phase of the project, including over diversion routes and a new toucan crossing.

The work, which will take place in eleven phases, should address the flooding risk posed by the current bridge and reduce the chances of flooding occurring to nearby residents who have suffered over a number of years from flooding,
The new bridge should open late May 2013 into early June 2013.

The temporary footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists was installed in July 2012 and carries the cables (BT, Virgin Media, National Grid gas main and Western Power electricity lines) which formerly ran under the old bridge across the river.  These cables will run under the new bridge when it opens and they can be rerouted to allow the temporary bridge to be removed .  The temporary bridge did not come into use until October, following the Great Birmingham Run.

The pictures below show the works from 3 January 2013.  Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum have a page showing the progress with the latest stage being the completion of piling on the Dogpool Lane side of the river.  The concrete cylindrical piles, which will support the new bridge, 15 on each side of the river, are 450mm in diameter and sunk to a depth of 13.5 metres below ground level. 

We've finished the piling on the Dogpool Lane side of the river just in time for the Christmas break. This means we can look forward to doing the other side after Christmas. We can also continue excavating and look towards the first abutment going in - a fitting start to the New Year. We'll be back on site on January 2nd to start this work.

Meanwhile a little further up Dogpool Lane, plans for the expansion of St Andrews Healthcare (operating since 2009), Planning application 2012/06034/PAhave been approved.  The development will see the bedspaces increase over time from 128 currently to 250 and see the 285 staff employed increase proportionately too.

Images from the planning application are reproduced below to show the plans for the development which will further develop Dogpool Lane.


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