Square crown to Kings Heath

Just over a year after opening in October 2011, Kings Heath Square opens up, Kings Heath's new public square received an accolade as Best Use of Arts and Culture in Regeneration category in the Regeneration and Renewal Awards 2012, http://enjoykingsheath.com/news/kings-heath-village-square-wins-best-use-of-art-and-culture-in-regeneration-at-national-awards/ & http://www.parkwoodconsultancyservices.co.uk/newsitem.aspx?id=59.

The judges were pleased to see the leading role that local people had played in commissioning and designing the project through the All Saints Community Development Company. The square is used not only by the church, but also by a variety of community groups. Income generated by a local farmers’ market will be used to fund maintenance. The square incorporates artworks designed by local schools, youth groups, and senior citizens. A verse written by a local poet is etched into a decorative pathway within the square.

The judges felt that the square would provide long-lasting benefits: “We were impressed by the level of finish and quality,” says Powell. “It looked like it would stand good use over a number of years.

“It struck us that this project was relatively low risk with a probably low ongoing cost. It’s good to see something like this being done so well in what are remarkably tough times.”


RGA, now part of Parkwood Consultancy Services (PCS) were appointed by the All Saints Community Development Company to design and implement the scheme and the existing war memorials, gravestones and mature trees were incorporated while creating large flexible space for weekly markets and events.  The new square also incorporates inscribed paving spiralling out from the renovated Edwardian lamppost and a 12m eight ring labyrinth.

A case study for the plan, Reproduced from PCS, is shown below:

Photos of the square from 3 January 2013


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