The Big City Plan 1

What is the Big City Plan

The Big City Plan is a masterplan for Birmingham for the next twenty years that aims to revitalise the city for it's people.

The Plan will guide Birmingham's economic, social and environmental future. It will help Birmingham perform successfully on an international stage and will equip Birmingham to meet both existing and future challenges, while building upon its recent successes.


The Big City Plan was developed from a 'Big Ideas' event held between Urban Initiatives, City Team and the City Council to come up ways to shape a masterplan from the abition of Birmingham and it's people.

The event came up with ten Global Themes

Audacity - A city of brave people up for change

Centricity - A city with an expanded commercial core

Liveablecity - A city with a high quality of life

Complexcity - A multi-layered, gritty city

Authenticity - A city that is true to its roots

Diversecity - A cosmopolitan city

Famliycity - Revival of the urban neighbourhood

Univercity - A learning city that turns its knowledge into business

Connectedcity - A city well connected to Europe

Smartcity - A city that uses its resources efficiently

and a further ten Local Ideas.

Live Local - A family friendly urban neighbourhood

Move Local - An iconic mode of transport for Birmingham

Street Local - Great Streets linking new and existing places and spaces

Start Local - Masters in the art of fostering and supporting new enterprises

Create Local - A focus for creative industries to rival any city in the UK

Play Local - Great urban parks and rediscovered canals

Learn Local - A centre of life-long learning embedded in a neighbourhood

Buy Local - Local produce and products sold in local shops

Build Local - Birmingham people building Birmingham homes

Renew Local - An exemplar of neighbourhood energy generation

How do you share your views?

The City Council has worked with Urban Initiatives and it's City Team with these ambitions and for Birmingham to be in the top 25 most liveable cities in the World.

The council has produced a report which it is submitting to it's Cabinet meeting on the 24th November after which it will be fully released with the following ways to share your views.

Widespread public consultation on the Big City Plan is to be undertaken in Autumn 2008, subject to approval by City Council Cabinet.

There will be an opportunity to comment on the Big City Plan at three stages in its development:

1) Issues and Options
2) Preferred Options
3) Draft Area Action Plan (submission draft)

At each stage there will be a six week period to comment on the emerging plans. The consultation period will be widely advertised, and copies of all documents will be available at libraries, Council Offices and on this website.


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