The Big City Plan 2

Here is the background to the Issues and Options Big City Plan document.

Relevant background/chronology of key events:
4.1 Published in 2007, Professor Michael Parkinson’s Visioning Study set out the principles for a new Masterplan for the City Centre of Birmingham.

4.2 A Consultant Team led by Urban Initiatives were procured through competitive tender and appointed in September 2007 - to work alongside the City Council to deliver a Masterplan for the city centre within the ring road, comprising the following:
a. A Spatial Plan, focussing on regeneration and transformational change, driven by Urban Design (as part of the Consultant Team).
b. An AAP that will deliver planning guidance for future development, in accordance with advice received from Counsel in November 2007.
c. A Business Plan that will address financial and delivery aspects.

4.3 The AAP for the City Centre Masterplan is one of four Development Plan Documents
(DPD) in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). It will be procured in four stages in
accordance with the statutory instrument (Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004). The stages and timescales as proposed in the LDS are as follows:
a. Public consultation on the Work in Progress Report for 8 weeks commencing
December 2008. This report addresses this first stage and the next steps following
b. Consultation on the content of the emerging Development Plan Documents (DPDs)
and DPD submission documents during 2009.
c. Submission to the Secretary of State during 2010.
d. Adoption during 2011.

4.4 From October 2007, the Consultants undertook a period of research, gathering
evidence, statistics and analysing trends in the fields of economics, transportation and property to inform a detailed, technical baseline study.

4.5 During November 2007, the Consultants began a series of meetings with key
stakeholders and expert advisors from which 10 Global Themes relating to the growth of cities were identified.

4.6 With reference to emerging evidence, the Consultant Team then developed 10 ‘Big
Ideas’ for Birmingham aimed squarely at addressing the global themes. Global Themes
and Big Ideas were captured in a Charter document that was launched in February 2008.

4.7 In the Work in Progress Report, the Consultants have matched relevant themes and
ideas to specific areas within the ring road, identifying core and perimeter areas based upon the policy areas of; the city core, Southside, Highgate, Westside, Ladywood, the Jewellery Quarter, the Gun Quarter, Eastside and Digbeth. Key proposals address city living, creative industries, expansion of the retail and commercial offers and creating and connecting public spaces. These are supported by recommendations relating to connectivity and transportation, sustainability and cultural development.

4.8 As part of the Local Development Framework, the consultation process will comply with the requirements of the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement (April 2008). Details of the methods for the public consultation are set out in Appendix 1 of this report.

4.9 The consultation response will be published on the Birmingham City Council and Big City Plan websites. The response will help to inform the DPDs on which further Cabinet and Planning Committee approval will be sought in due course during 2009.

4.10 In association with the options put forward for the city centre, a Sustainability Appraisal was issued to statutory authorities for consultation during April 2008.

4.11 The development of the City Centre Masterplan is being co-ordinated with related
initiatives including the Growth Prospectus, the Local Area Agreement, the Community
Strategy and the Core Strategy, which have been subject to separate consultations.

4.12 Marketing and communication initiatives for the City Centre Masterplan have led to the adoption of its alternative title as the ‘Big City Plan’.


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