Bright future for the Bullring

Voltimum has reported that The Bullring commits to switch to state-of- the- art LED energy efficient lighting solution.

The Bullring has agreed with Philips Lighting Solutions, Weblight and Mitie to replace the current decorative lighting scheme for the Bullring with sustainable LEDs.

The LEDs should help save 85% energy consumption for the Bullring.

Leading by example the Bullring has now replaced the old cold cathode lighting system with Philips eW® Cove Powercore which delivers a high quality white light and has been specifically designed for interior alcoves and atriums making it ideal for the Bullring. Here, the eW® Cove Powercore modules were primarily used to illuminate the areas around the main escalators, toilets and lifts as well as decorative shaped facets recessed into the ceiling voids of the main walkways.

Impressive Savings Switching to this new LED technology will deliver an 85% reduction in energy needed to illuminate the centre which equates to an estimated £34,000 savings in running costs per annum. This equates to some 251 tonnes of CO2 emissions which will be saved annually:- the equivalent of 1241 hot air balloons! Maintenance costs can also be dramatically reduced since LEDs have an extremely long life of approximately 50,000 hours.

The Bullring which attracts over 40 million visitors a year can now offer added visual vibrancy to it's mix of stores while being environmentally conscious too.


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