Selling a Musical Birmingham for the Big City Plan

The Birmingham Mail's Stirrer column has mused on a important part of Birmingham's musical heritage that we don't celebrate; Birmingham must celebrate heavy metal music connection.

While New Orleans gave Jazz to the world and Nashville is the home of Country, Birmingham's contribution - Heavy Metal is largely unknown and uncelebrated.

We’ve got so much to be proud of. Seventies legends Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant all hailed from the West Midlands.

So did bands such as Godflesh, Cerebral Fix and Napalm Death who carried the flame for later generations.

Time, methinks, for an annual week-long Metalfest in the city, and maybe a museum too, celebrating the best in doomy lyrics and sledgehammer riffs.

Perhaps this gives an opportunity for the Big City Plan to show another hidden cultural asset of Birmingham to the world.


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