Library of Birmingham Consultation

Following the launch of the design for the new Library of Birmingham,, the city council has launched it's public consultation on the concept design.

You can comment by using the online form, the comments cards in libraries or emailing (although comments by email are limited to 50 words).

The following images are reproduced from photos taken at the Birmingham Central Library consultation in the foyer. They are larger images of the thumbnails displayed on the City Council Library of Birmingham Consultation page,

The core of The REP (shown red in the floor plans [below]) is retained, including its unique and beautiful main auditorium. The back of house areas will be demolished and replaced with new workshops, staff offices and dressing rooms (shown orange), and a generous new shared foyer (shown light green) will extend along the entire Centenary Square frontage.

There will also be a new flexible 300 seat studio theatre (shown yellow) for the shared use of the Library and The REP, which will enable both organisations to develop new learning and cultural programmes for the city.

The City Council is committed to the sustainable development of the city and it is intended that the Library of Birmingham will achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The three rectangular volumes of the building are layered to create a spacious interior and substantial public terraces at two levels; the first located above a grand canopy extending out into Centenary Square which announces the new shared entrance to the Library and The REP; the second higher up offering panoramic views of the wider city.

An impressive circular open-air amphitheatre is envisaged in front of the Library on Centenary Square. This will extend the Library’s presence into the public realm and create a dramatic visual link with the lower ground level, as well as bringing natural light into the building.

Ground Floor Mezzanine

Ground Floor

Lower Ground Mezzanine

Lower Ground Floor


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