Telegraph restaurant review's journey to Brum for a great curry

The Telegraph has reviewed the Lasan in the Jewellery Quarter as Jasper Gerard visits Lasan in Birmingham and Tayyabs in London's East End in the search for a great curry.

But today those dinosaurs who still associate our second city with striking Austin Allegro car workers would find it unrecognisable, even pleasant. It boasts three Michelin-starred restaurants.

The award winning Lasan sits in the Jewellery Quarter which Jasper Gerard says is 'reminiscent of London Docklands back when it was fun' and past the vast St Pauls Church in an 'elegant square housing a couple of hip clubs'. Sadly Lasan is beaten by the London restaurant being reviews but gets a creditable T rating 3/5.

Lasan is at 3-4 Dakota Buildings, James Street, Birmingham (0121 212 3664; )


Anonymous said…
Hmmm - but did you see the review that the Guardian did of Lasan? -

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