Birmingham - Top spot for tourists

Further to my earlier post, One of Britain's Most Cosmopolitan Cities, the Birmingham Post has published a report on the Rough Guide to England's favourable assessment of Birmingham. In the article, Rough Guide names Birmingham as one of UK's top tourism spots, Dave Hodgson from Marketing Birmingham notes the massive improvement in our image from the 2004 guide which said 'Many visitors get their first taste of central Birmingham at New Street Station, whose unreconstructed ugliness makes a dispiriting start'.

As he suggests, this social networking review of the city has more value than marketing material.

People trust guides and websites more, because they want to hear what people are saying about a place," he said. "People reading these guides are not just travelling on a shoestring, they want to find the real city, the backstreets and what makes city's really good.

"This kind of thing puts people in bars, people into shops and it's about the economy, and that can only be a good thing."

And if this new Rough Guide wasn't enough to encourage you to visit Birmingham then last years Rough Guide 25s, Britain and Ireland should be proof enough. In the guide, which listed 25 things to see and do in England before you die, Birmingham's Balti Triangle came in at number 15 ahead of clubbing in London and watching a football match at Old Trafford.


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