New MG and a target market

Autoexpress reported on the 7th May, Reborn MG TF is ready at last! the new MG TF roadster, proving it said that the spirit of the old MG is alive and well under it's new Chinese owners.

Image courtessy of Autoexpress;

This stunning model is set to replace the existing TF – production of which is back on track at MG Rover’s old home of Longbridge in the West Midlands – and will go on sale around 2010. And there’s not only a convert*ible planned, but a coupĂ©, too!

Featuring a rear-wheel-drive platform developed in conjunction with British engineering expert Ricardo, plus MG Rover-based engines – including a 1.8-litre turbo and 2.5-litre V6 – the TF will deliver a great driving experience. And as SAIC-NAC are looking to form a UK Roewe dealer network in 2010, the stage is set for the TF’s comeback.

Coupled with this good news is the report from, Tesco: Car choice determined by geography, which found that in Birmingham drivers were most loyal to British brands. This suggests that the new Chinese owners will have a ready market for their new improved design in the Midlands.

Birmingham’s drivers are most loyal to British brands – probably due to the local heritage – with ownership of MGs up 32 per cent on the national average and Rover ownership 74 per cent higher.


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