One of Britain's Most Cosmopolitan Cities

Today's Independent reports (A rough guide to England? It certainly is) on the new edition of the Rough Guide to England which makes for interesting reading depending on where you live.

Birmingham fares well, described as 'One of Britain's most cosmopolitan cities' in contrast to others such as Derby which it labels 'unexciting' and Plymouth 'bland'.

According to the Independent:

Do go to:

Bath: "Unmissable"

Birmingham: "One of Britain's most cosmopolitan cities"

Canterbury: "One of England's most venerable cities"

Cheltenham: "An appealing regency spa town famous for its horse racing"

Glastonbury: "Steeped in Christian lore and Arthurian legend"

Leeds: "There's still a true northern grit to its character"

Manchester: "The city has no realistic English rival outside of London"

Newcastle: "A vibrant cultural scene and nightlife"

Oxford: "Superb architecture, museums and lively student population"

Lake District: "England's most hyped scenic area"

Don't go to:

Derby: "Unexciting"

Essex: "Unappetising"

Torquay: "St Tropez it ain't"

Plymouth: "Bland"

England overall receives a positive review with the 'variety of people, cultures and landscapes which makes the country so fascinating'.

England “isn't just one place, but a perpetual collision of culture, class and race,” it remarks.

The guide praises the country as “a genuine haven for refugees” with immigrants from more than 100 ethnic backgrounds but comments that despite its rich multi-ethnic culture, England is “a deeply conservative place”.

The Guide is on sale now, with selling it at £11.19


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