21st Century Offices to save £100 million

24dash.com has reported, Birmingham to create council offices 'fit for the 21st century' - and save £100 million, on the report going to Birmingham City Council's Cabinet for a new 180,000 sq ft office building as part of a cost savings plan as it "revolutionise[s] its administrative buildings in partnership with Service Birmingham, through a combination of modernisation and replacement".

The proposed location is council owned land on Woodcock Street, Aston on a site bounded by Holt Street, Heneage Street West and Woodcock Street site,.

Image reproduced from Google.co.uk/maps

The following excerpt from the Corporate Director of Resources to the Cabinet for the 27th October provides more information.

Following the approval of Cabinet, on 25th February 2008, Urban Design in conjunction with their consultant partners (Associated Architects, Hoare Lea and Scott Wilson) and preferred contractor (Thomas Vale Construction plc) have developed the design of the proposed building from the initial inception to a stage where detailed costings have been developed and some of the core components market tested. The details of the design have been discussed with colleagues in Planning and Regeneration and it is proposed, subject to approval at this meeting, that a detailed planning application be submitted for the proposed building.

The implementation of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) office sustainability designs together with new ergonomic and energy efficient office accommodation and plans to join Aston University's planned Combined Heating and Power system should help increase efficiency on a long-term basis and provide the estimated saving of £100million over 25 years.


Donald1 said…
This is great news - 50 thousand council staff. Imagine if they all worked in new, low carbon offices - the city could lead the way in reducing carbon emissions.
Donald1 said…
Imagine if all the 50 thousand staff could work in brand new low carbon offices - how much carbon emissions could the City save. Great idea

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