Shining hope for Mental Health Care in UK - New National Centre for Mental Heath

The Guardian Society blog, Joe Public, reported on the 10th October that Britain leads the way in Europe when it comes to mental health provision according to the World Health Organisation (WHO); UK can't rest on its laurels when it comes to mental health services.

According to the WHO report,, England directs 13.8% of its health budget towards mental health - the highest level in Europe among those countries that submitted figures.

• We provide high levels of access to mental health care, with 12.7 psychiatrists per 100,000 people, compared to the European average of 8.9.
• Access to mental health nursing care is also higher than average, with 51.9 nurses per 100,000 people, compared with the European average of 18.7.
• England is the only country to provide a comprehensive network of specialist early intervention teams.
• England is one of only three countries to provide comprehensive access to assertive outreach teams.
• England has 23 mental health beds per 100,000 people, reflecting a continued focus on moving mental health treatment out of institutions and into the community

This follows nicely from the opening in July of the UK's new centre for mental health costing £70m in Birmingham.

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The facility is one of the largest mental health building projects undertaken in Europe and builds on Birmingham's reputation as the UK hub for mental health excellence. The building replaces the Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital and began in 2006.

Key features of the multi-million pound “Barberry” and “Oleaster” buildings include:
• 137 beds
• Single in-patient bedrooms with modern en-suite facilities
• Suites offering the latest in therapeutic activities with opportunities to provide
complementary and psychological treatments
• Fresh, contemporary rest, relaxation and activity areas
• Unique mother and baby unit with a series of services
• Individual male and female zones
• Multi-faith area together with library, restaurant and fitness sections
• Open, outdoor relaxation spaces which provide natural habitats.

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The building was opened in July by Health Secretary Alan Johnson and Comedienne and former psychiatric nurse Jo Brand.

Ms Brand said the Barberry made the facilities of the Maudsley Hospital, south London, where she worked as a psychiatric nurse from 1978 till 1988, "look like her house".


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