Administrating a Legal Birmingham

The Birmingham Post reports on news that Birmingham prepares for arrival of Administrative Court with Birmingham Forward, the professional services lobbying group, holding a series of seminars for Birmingham's legal community on how the court will operate.

The Administrative Court is set to open in 2009 in the Civil Justice Centre on Bull Street and will deal with cases of individuals and companies challenging the legality of decisions made by public bodies. These cases would have previously have had to be heard in the High Court in London and cover areas such as immigration challenges, availability of cancer drugs, planning, care provisions or housing problems.

“We have a very large number of government bodies in the West Midlands. It will create substantially better access to justice for local people to be able to challenge government in local courts.

“Also it will reduce the public costs for public sector bodies in the West Midlands, because they won’t have to travel.

The successful lobbying for an Administrative Court is a success for Birmingham Forward but an important stepping stone for the city's legal community's lobbying for a permanent high court outside of London. The determination for the court to be a success should add weight to the lobbying for a permanent high court in Birmingham.

Not only does this show that Birmingham is a prominent and important centre for justice but it will have significant benefit for local authorities, public bodies, business and individuals who will now be able to have their cases heard within the city and not have to travel to London with all the cost and inconvenience this causes.


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