Second Coming for Snow Hill

My recent post WMPTA report to Birmingham City Council which carried extracts from the West Midlands Public Transport Authority contained a possible completion date for the second entrance to Snow Hill Station.

The walls to form the structure which houses the stairs, lifts and escalators have been completed on both platforms. The platform canopy steelwork has been delivered and foundations are completed on both platforms. The concrete stairs are under construction and well advanced, escalators are delivered and installed. The contractor is advising completion in February 2009.

The opening of the second entrance will bring to a conclusion the long drawn out affair to provide Snow Hill Station with a second entrance on Livery Street for the Jewellery Quarter and easily accessible without crossing the A38 and adjacent to the Great Charles Street Queensway development site.

The project has been dogged by delays as this Centro press release from 2006 notes with a decision then to reaffirm the project being approved by Birmingham City Council cabinet in July 2006.

Transport bosses are expected to reaffirm their commitment to a major regeneration and transport scheme in Birmingham city centre next week. A report on the creation of a new northern entrance to Snow Hill Station recommends continued support despite concerns that the project is running late.

It highlights the fact that the Snow Hill Second Access scheme is a crucial link to rail services for the booming Jewellery Quarter / Great Charles Street area and is important to the city’s regeneration. The new northern entrance will also make journeys more convenient for thousands of passengers.

The report to councillors says the contractor Edmund Nuttall Ltd, who started work in June last year, ran into early difficulties excavating the complex Victorian structure where a new access way will be tunnelled under the tracks. A number of project deadlines were then missed. Engineers say the work is progressing, but the additional entrance to Snow Hill Station is now likely to open several months later than planned.

The following images show progress on the project.


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