Health Central to Park - Attwood Green Health Centre

Work on the Attwood Green Health Centre on Bath Row is rapidly progressing with steelwork on the six storey building which replaces the Colston Health Centre, 200 yards away, near completion. The building is due for completion in Spring 2012.

Prime, a specialist Worcester-based community buildings constructor, is working alongside NHS South Birmingham on the 4,500 sq m building which was designed by healthcare specialists One Creative Environments.

The building is part of the £260m Park Central regeneration programme and will provide a mixture of facilities with two GP practices, a dental practice, pharmacy, physiotherapist, language therapists and various other health services all relocating to the centre,

Images of what the centre will look like.

Photos of the site from the 14th February 2011.

Meanwhile up the road, work on the Five Ways Pocket Park is progressing. The pocket park is a development that has come out of the National Play Strategy and is part of Birmingham's Playbuilder Project whose aim is creating play provision for the 8 to 13 year old age group with features as naturalistic as possible and which should be challenging while taking account of local young populations,


Keith Dunbar said…
The so called Five Ways Pocket Park is a criminal waste of taxpayers money and is not what the local community need or asked for. Where can the children play football or other ball games. A provision was made for this at Woodview but the Five Ways park has a swing, a slide and a pile of rocks. If this is what the design team believe will provide a challenge or any lasting interest for 8 to 13 year olds then they need retraining. It is also a fact that very few children at Five Ways are in the 8-13 age group.
Keith Dunbar, Bishopsgate Street.
I agree with the comments raised by Keith. I have looked through the blog and think the work you have done to bring the issues to the our attention is great.

It is such shame to see such a large and costly development lacking in provision for recreational areas for young people.

Please keep us updated with the schemes developments.

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