Cumberland House Hotel Refurbishment

Following my pevious post on the new hotels being developed around Birmingham, Short stay room for long term regeneration, here is an update on work to redevelop Cumberland House on Broad Street into a Hampton by Hilton Hotel.

The £30 million revamp of the disused tower into a new 285 bedroom hotel is being undertaken by Stockport contractor Multibuild. The building will be given a new facia and there will be a complete internal refit with it expected to open in the summer of 2012. The hotel which will be a Hampton by Hilton will be run by Sanguine Hospitality who are also investing in the new Indigo hotel at The Cube and the conversion of Kennedy Tower, near Snow Hill station, into a 224 bedroom hotel. The revamp replaces an earlier proposal to develop a mixed use development, shown below.

Details of the refurbished exterior were noted in the planning application for the redevelopmen.

Externally, only very minor elevational alterations are necessary to the tower itself (floors 3-17). It is proposed that the steel framed single glazed window
units be replaced by modern aluminium double glazed units and that the black spandrel cladding panels which are becoming worn, would be replaced by modern, more lightweight black panels, of similar appearance. The only substantive visible difference between the current existing appearance of the building, and that proposed, is that the transom bars in the existing window elevations would not be replicated within the new sealed units.

Photos of the refurbishment work from 5th February 2011 are shown below.


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