New Street Station bus- i/y -ness

New figures on the number of people using British train stations show that despite a small decrease in overall use nationwide Birmingham New Street remains the busiest station outside of London with 25,267,757 users, an increase on 2008-2009 total of 25,191,945; Station use declines, but Waterloo is still on top.

The massive number of people using the station shows the importance of the redevelopment of New Street Station in providing a better experience for train users and also visitors to the station who aren't travelling and gives credence to it's crucial role in continuing the regeneration of Birmingham.

The ‘station footfall’ tables are published annually by the Office of Rail Regulation. Although they are based on ticket sales they try to estimate all entrances and exits, rather than just people boarding or alighting from trains.

Larger stations do attract considerable numbers of people who are not travelling, either because they are ‘meeters and greeters’ or intend to use shops and other services.

The increase in the number of entrances to Birmingham New Street and the creation of north-south and east-west routes should allow the station to provide a role not only as a key train interchange and hub but the crossroads for the city's pedestrians allowing people to cross the station, which currently blocks pedestrian routes, and city and give greater connectivity to surrounding areas.

New Street Station's redevelopment has been led not only by the need, on safety grounds and practicality, of dealing with twice as many users as it was designed for but also by it's regenerative effects to Birmingham and the wider region. Network Rail has realised the importance of it's stations as tools of local regeneration as well as key transport nodes with the development of an RUS guidance on station design due Spring 2011. New Street thereby represents a template for future station redevelopments with a focus away from pure functionality to a consideration of the role they place in wider regeneration.

A blueprint for station design and modification is being developed by Network Rail.
In an exclusive interview with LTT sister magazine New Transit, stations and customer service director Mike Goggin said the company’s work was examining pedestrian congestion across all types of station ...;

The focus on retail as part of the regeneration not only of New Street Station but also with a Network Rail focus on retail as part of it's estate links also to the role of the station as more than just a transport interchange, 'New era in station retailing,' is predicted as Network Rail appoints new executive. The redevelopment of New Street will increase the amount of retail linked in the station and the Pallasades Shopping Centre above while John Lewis has been revealed as musing opening a new store linked to the station. You can understand John Lewis considering opening it's biggest store outside of London on the site with the station having 25 million users and providing a new crossing and meeting point for the city; John Lewis to open store at redeveloped New Street Station.


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