Hotel La Tour construction update

Here is an update from 20th February 2011 on the construction of the Hotel La Tour hotel since my previous post on February 12th, Hotel La Tour parks in Eastside.

Meanwhile further up the road, Moor Street Queensway, work is taking place on landscaping the site of the now deferred new Magistrates' Court adjacent to the Masshouse Plaza development, Massing for Magistrates' Court. Despite the purchase of the land and project planning having been completed it was deferred under the emergency budget although there is a hope it will eventually be built,

“The issue has now been left with them and I am encouraged they will build it at some point and in the meantime the HMCS wants to convert the plot into an urban open space for people living and working in the area. We are working collaboratively with them to ensure the garden fits in with our designs.”


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