Selly Oak New Road February 2011 update

Here are photos showing work on the Selly Oak New road taken on Wednesday 9th February 2011. The photos show more progress since my previous update, Selly Oak bridges gap - Selly Oak New Road January 2011 update, on excavating soil from underneath the bridge which is 40% complete according to a report to Selly Oak Ward Committee.

The bridge move was the heaviest bridge move undertaken by modular transporters in the UK with the bridge weighing 4026 tonnes.

The railway bridge is a continous three span arrangement with the centre span of 30 metres and two side spans of 20 metres to allow embankment to be graded back at angle of 27 degrees.

The canal bridge is similar and was constructed simultaneously although it was constructed in it's final position unlike rail bridge. The construction required the diversion of the canal and the canal trough for the viaduct was cast in one 650m 1 concrete pour lasting 12 hours to avoid construction joints and and ensure water-tightness.

Photos from the 9th February are shown below showing work progressing and a view towards the Bristol Road and works to create the new road as it runs behind the Tesco store and alongside the Bournbrook.

Update on works from report going to Selly Oak Ward Committee for 16 February 2011.

* Progress on excavation below railway bridge is 40% complete, track drainage 70% complete, concrete remedial work 95%.

* Progress on excavation below canal viaduct is 25% complete. Over the next four weeks canal work includes fencing and anti-slip surfacing to towpath.

* West embankment and rail bridge plateau excavation is 40% complete and removal of reinforced earth wall 30%.


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